Wire Bar Film Coating Tester Coater with Vacuum Function

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Wire Bar Film Coating Tester Coater with Vacuum Function

Coating Machine

Touch Lab ZY-TB wire bar coating tester is the latest upgrade for coating precise wet film on different substrates and is carefully designed to repeatedly and continuously prepare smooth, flat and flawless test samples.

Newly upgraded, touch screen control, user-friendly human-machine interface;

Precise control of travel speed and running distance;

Newly upgraded hardware, more stable operation.



As the main factors affecting the coating are the speed of the coating and the pressure applied to the applicator, the coating applied by hand is often inconsistent, especially when the difference is greater between different people, which makes it difficult to compare test results between samples. Our automatic film applicator allows the operator to easily apply precise wet films on different substrates, greatly improving the reproducibility of the coated film.


Main parameters:   

Machine dimensions (L*W*H): 622*440*450mm

Coating speed: 5-180mm/s

Coating area: 300*400mm

Wire rod specification: precision ±0.001mm, effective coating width 300mm (coating thickness to be determined according to wire rod model)

Vacuum hole: φ1mm

Hole spacing: 20*20mm

Specimen clamping: vacuum adsorption

Power supply for main machine: 220V/50Hz

Weight: 55KG

Vacuum pump external


Product features:

Precise control of test speed and distance, higher coating accuracy

Touch control operation, humanized human-machine interaction interface

New hardware upgrade, more stable operation.

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