Vacuum Adsorption Doctor Blade Type Coating Tester Device with Touch Screen Control

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Vacuum Adsorption Doctor Blade Type Coating Tester Device with Touch Screen Control

Coating Tester


As the main factors affecting the coating are the speed of application and the pressure applied to the applicator, there are often inconsistencies in the coating applied by hand, particularly between different people, which makes it difficult to compare test results between samples. Our automatic film applicator has been carefully designed to make it easy for the operator to apply accurate wet films on different substrates, greatly improving the reproducibility of the coating.

The coating effect is guaranteed by the controlled speed and stable pressure, ensuring uniformity and smoothness of the coating, allowing coating experiments on a wide range of materials such as paper, plastic, metal, PVC, PET, fabric, aluminium alloy sheets and other flat surfaces.


Technical parameters

Touch screen control

Doctor blade accuracy: ±0.003mm     

Film thickness: 0.02-5mm doctor blade can be lifted

Speed: 2-180mm/sec (infinitely variable)

Coating width: 300*400mm

Vacuum adsorption size: 300*400mm (vacuum pump external)

Vacuum aperture: 1mm

Vacuum hole distance: 20mm

Coating time: touch screen control, different lengths, different speeds, time precision control

Doctor blade: material/stainless steel (digital display control micrometer to set thickness)

Power supply: voltage 220V 50HZ  

Power: 160W Vacuum pump power 550W

Machine volume: 630*410*520 (L*W*H)

Machine weight: net weight 58KG

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