Functions: Specific surface area, pore structure and other gas adsorption performance evaluation
1. SD-PS1/2/4:1/4 sample analysis stations
2. BSD-PM1/2:1 /2 analysis bits (various non-corrosive gas test)
3.BSD-660: specific surface area, mesoporous, microporous and ultraporous analysis; Truly fully automatic; Twelve samples were analyzed simultaneously
4.BSD-VD12:2 groups of independent degassing stations, 6 degassing stations in each group, 12 degassing stations in total; The standard temperature is 400℃
5.BSD-BET40: eight-station pretreatment machine, analytical capacity up to 12 samples/hour
6.BSD-AD8: 8 processing bits, divided into 2 groups *4 processing bits; Two groups of processing bits can work independently and do not affect each other; 8 cooling bits

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