Small Precision Grinding and Polishing Machine

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Small Precision Grinding and Polishing Machine 

Polishing Machine


UNIPOL-300 small precision grinding and polishing machine is a small automatic metallographic grinding and polishing machine specially designed for researchers in major laboratories, mainly used for grinding small metallographic specimens, especially suitable for transmission electron microscopy samples, the thinnest samples can be ground to 50 microns. The pressure can be adjusted within a certain range so that the sample will not be damaged by excessive grinding pressure. The grinding speed can be adjusted within a certain range, and different grinding speeds can be used for different sample types. The grinding time can be set during the grinding process, and the machine stops automatically when the grinding time is reached, so that it can be unattended.UNIPOL-300 Small Precision Grinding and Polishing Machine can grind a wide range of materials, which can be used for crystals, ceramics, glass, metal, rock samples, mineral samples, PCB boards, infrared optical materials (e.g., crystals of Zinc selenide, Zinc Sulfide, Silicon, Germanium, etc.), refractories, and composites, polymer materials, and so on, Polymer materials, etc. It is not only capable of automatic grinding and polishing, but also has high precision and high speed, and is the general equipment for metallographic laboratories and electron microscope laboratories at home and abroad. The motorized operation imitates the manual operation, the lower plate does not move, and the upper lever drives the specimen to do "8" reciprocating motion. Grinding pressure, speed can be adjusted, convenient and simple operation, can realize unattended.


Technical Parameters

Product Name

UNIPOL-300 Small precision grinding and polishing machine

Product Model


Installation Conditions

This equipment is required to be used at an altitude of 1000m or less, at a temperature of 25℃±15℃ and a humidity of 55%Rh±10%Rh.

1. Electricity: AC220V 50Hz, must have good grounding

2. GasNo

3. Bench: size 800mm×600mm×700mm, load capacity above 200kg

4. Ventilation device: not required

Main Parameters

1. Power supply: 110V/220V

2. Power: 25W

3. Grinding and polishing disk speed: 0-160rpm

4. Station: 1

5. Grinding and polishing disk: Ø70mm

6. Load plate: Ø30mm

Product Specification

Size: 400mm x 200mm x 230mm;

Weight: 11kg


Standard Accessories


Glass plate




Payload tray




Polishing pads (abrasive leather, synthetic leather, polyurethane)

1 for each



Sanding line(240#, 400#, 800#, 1500#)

4 for each



Paraffinic rod


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