Automatic Precision Grinding and Polishing Machine

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Automatic Precision Grinding and Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine

Product Description:

UNIPOL-802 automatic precision grinding and polishing machine is used for grinding and polishing sample making of crystals, ceramics, metals, glass, rock samples, mineral samples and other materials, and is the most ideal grinding and polishing equipment for scientific research and production experiments. The machine is equipped with Φ203mm grinding and polishing disc and two processing stations, which can be used to grind and polish the plane of ≤Φ80mm. If configured with appropriate accessories, it can mass produce high quality plane grinding and polishing products.


Installation conditions:

This equipment is required to be used under 1000m above sea level, 25℃±15℃ and 55%Rh±10%Rh humidity.

1.Water: The equipment is equipped with an upper water port and a lower water port, customers need to connect the tap water cooling and lower water drainage.

2.Electricity: AC220V; 50Hz, must have good base.

3.Gas: None.

4.Bench: size 800mm (L) * 600mm (W) * 700mm (H), load-bearing capacity of 200kgs or more.

5.Ventilation device: not required.


Main features:

1.Super flat polishing disc (flatness is less than 0.0025mm per 25mm×25mm).

2.Ultra-precise rotation axis (pallet end jump is less than 0.01mm).

3.With two processing stations.

4.The spindle rotation is controlled by stepless speed regulation, and equipped with digital display meter to display the rotation number in real time.

5.With timer, it can accurately control the working time (between 0-300h).

6.It can be equipped with automatic drip feeder or circulation pump, which makes grinding and polishing more convenient and quick.


Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: 110/220V

2. Power: 275W  

3. Grinding and polishing disc speed: 0-250rpm

4. Work station: 2

5. Support arm swing times: 0-9 times / min

6. Tray end jump: 0.008/180mm

7.Grinding and polishing trayΦ203mm

8. Load trayΦ80mm


Product specificationSize580mm×420mm×350mmWeight68kg


Standard Accessories








Cast iron discs

1 pc



Cast aluminum tray

1 pc



Load tray

2 pcs



Trim ring

2 pcs



Polishing pad

1 for each



(Abrasive leather / synthetic leather / polyurethane)




Corundum abrasive powder

4 pcs


Optional Accessories

1.SKZD-2 drip feeder

2.SKZD-3 dripper

3.SKZD-4 automatic dripper

4.YJXZ-12 stirring circulation pump

5. "00" level precision thickness gauge

6.GPC-50A precise grinding and polishing control instrument

7.Ceramic grinding disc

8.Glass grinding disc

9. Magnetic resin diamond grinding discs

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