Automatic Double Disc Double Control Grinding and Polishing Machine

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Automatic Double Disc Double Control Grinding and Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine

Use and characteristics of grinding and polishing machine:

This grinding and polishing machine is double-disc double-control double-motor, which can be operated and used by two people at the same time, and is suitable for pre-grinding, grinding and polishing operations on metallographic specimens. This machine can realize infinitely variable speed and steering switch at will, the left and right grinding and polishing discs can obtain the speed between 50-1500 rpm respectively, so that this machine has a wider range of applications. It is an essential equipment for users to make metallographic specimens. This machine has a cooling device, which can cool the specimen during pre-grinding to prevent the specimen from overheating and destroying the metallographic organization. The machine is easy to use, safe and reliable, is the ideal sample making equipment for factories, scientific research units and laboratories of universities and colleges.


Main technical indicators:

1. Working voltage: 220V 50HZ  

2. Diameter of grinding and polishing disc: φ203mm Speed: 50-1500rpm

3. Motor: 300W

4. Product size: about 650×510×350mm

5. Package size: about 800×800×430mm

6. Weight: about 32kg

7. Packing weight: about 48kg

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