Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machine with Magnetic Discs

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Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machine with Magnetic Discs

DescriptionUNIPOL-830 Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machine is mainly used for grinding and polishing metallographic specimens, and can also be used for grinding and polishing ceramics, glass, PCB, plastics and other materials.


Product Model

UNIPOL-830 Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machine

Installation conditions

This equipment is required to be used at an altitude of 1000m or less, at a temperature of 25℃±15℃ and a humidity of 55%Rh±10%Rh.

1.Water: the equipment is equipped with a water port and a water port, you need to connect the tap water and drainage

2.Electricity: AC220V 50Hz, must have good grounding


4.Working table: size 800mm×600mm×700mm, load-bearing 200kg or more

5.Ventilation device: not required

Main features

This machine can choose the pressure ring mounted card or magnetic adsorption way to place the sandpaper and polishing pads, the work run more stable. Magnetic adsorption is mainly to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional mounting card polishing fabric pleating, will be affixed with pressure-sensitive adhesive polishing fabrics pasted on the research and polishing substrate, and then adsorbed on the magnetic sheet; Secondly, more convenient for the replacement of sandpaper and polishing pads.

Technical Parameters

1.Power supply: 110V/220V

2.Grinding and polishing disc speed: 50rpm-600rpm

3.Polishing discØ203mm 

Product specification

Size: 580mm x 420mm x 350mm; Weight: 24kg

Standard accessories


Magnetic discs

2 pieces


Grinding and polishing base film

5 pieces


Sandpaper (240#, 400#, 800#, 1500#)

2 pieces each


Polishing pads (abrasive leather, synthetic leather)

1 piece each


Diamond polishing paste (W2.5)

1 piece

Optional Accessories

1.Electroplated diamond grinding discs

2.Magnetic resin diamond polishing discs


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