Multi Point Mechanical Pressure Lapping and Polishing Machine

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Multi Point Mechanical Pressure Lapping and Polishing Machine 

Polishing Machine

Product description

UNIPOL-800M multi-point mechanical pressure grinding and polishing machine adopts three-point mechanical spring pressure, the top column under the action of the pressure spring will be the sample in the carrier plate on the rotating grinding and polishing disk, so that the sample under a certain pressure with the movement of the disk for grinding and polishing, so as to realize the sample positioning and grinding and polishing. UNIPOL-800M multi-point mechanical pressure grinding and polishing machine is also equipped with a special mechanical support arm Grinding station, can be easy to disintegrate, easy to break the material grinding and polishing, grinding and polishing samples in the process, fixed with the sample of the gravity of the carrier disk with the mechanical swing arm swing grinding and polishing, at the same time also rotate, after grinding the sample surface scratches are uniform, easy to polish. This machine is mainly used in the field of materials research, widely used in universities, colleges, research institutes, laboratories of metals, ceramics, glass, infrared optical materials (such as zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, silicon, germanium and other crystals), rock samples, mineral samples, composite materials, polymer materials and other materials samples of the automatic grinding and polishing, and the factory's small-scale production and so on.UNIPOL-800M Multi-Point Mechanical Pressure Grinding and Polishing Machine is a The UNIPOL-800M Multi-Point Mechanical Pressure Grinding and Polishing Machine is a dual-purpose pressure grinding and polishing machine that meets the grinding conditions of most materials.


Main features

1.Multi-point loading pressure, adjust the spring pressure by manual adjusting nut.

2.With 1 mechanical support arm grinding and polishing station.

3.Excellent performance, simple operation, wide range of application.


Technical parameters

Product name

Multi-point mechanical pressure grinding and polishing machine

Product model


Installation conditions

1. This equipment is required to be used at an altitude of 1000m or less, at a temperature of 25℃±15℃ and a humidity of 55%Rh±10%Rh.

2. Water: the equipment is equipped with upper and lower water ports, you need to connect your own tap water and drainage.

3. Electricity: AC220V 50Hz.

4. Gas: None.

5. Table size: 500mm*400mm*700mm

6. Ventilation device: required.

Main parameters

1.Power supply: 220V 50Hz

2.Load plate: Ø110mm, can carry samples Ø25mm, Ø30mm

3.Polishing disk: 203mm

4.Loading disk (upper disk) speed: 1rpm-60rpm

5.Rotating speed of grinding and polishing disk (lower disk): 0-400rpm

6.Gravitational loading disk: Ø80mm

7.Timing function: equipped with a timer, can accurately control the working time (0-300h).

Product specification


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