Floor Type Precision Grinding and Polishing Machine with Three Processing Stations

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Floor Type Precision Grinding and Polishing Machine with Three Processing Stations

Product introduction

UNIPOL-2001 precision grinding and polishing machine with three processing stations is a floor type grinding and polishing machine that can grind and polish large size samples, used for grinding and polishing samples of crystals, ceramics, metals, glass, rock samples, mineral samples, PCB boards, infrared optical materials (such as zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, silicon, germanium and other crystals), refractory materials, composite materials and other materials, is the ideal grinding and polishing equipment for scientific research and production experiments. polishing equipment. The machine is equipped with a Ø508mm grinding and polishing disc and three processing stations, which can be used for grinding and polishing round pieces ≤ Ø160mm or rectangular planes with diagonal length ≤ 160mm. During the grinding process, the three processing stations can swing from side to side at a certain frequency, and at the same time push the carrier block to swing from side to side, while the carrier block is rotating on its own and rotating with the grinding disc, so that the sample can make irregular movement and make the surface quality of the sample after grinding uniform. The grinding and polishing machine is equipped with a precision cylindrical metal block with high flatness and parallelism, so that the surface of the sample after grinding also has a high flatness and does not chamfer the sample edge, which is especially suitable for samples with high edge requirements. With the appropriate accessories (GPC series precision grinding and polishing controller), high quality flat grinding and polishing products can be produced in bulk, for example, grinding and polishing of wafer samples ≤ Ø160mm in diameter. The grinding disc with abrasive is used to grind the sample, and the polishing disc with sandpaper can also be used to grind the sample, and the sandpaper or polishing pad is magnetically mounted for easy loading and unloading. The specific choice of abrasive or abrasive grinding can be made according to the material of the sample to be ground.


Technical parameters


UNIPOL-2001 type precision grinding and polishing machine



Main parameters

1. Grinding disk: Diameter φ508mm (20 inches)

2. Sample tray: Diameter φ160mm (6 inches), thickness 35mm

3. Repair disk ring: outer diameter φ196mm, inner diameter φ160.5mm, thickness 35mm

4. Swing arm support: 1 per 120°, 3 in total

5. Number of work stations: 3

6. Grinding disc speed: rpm: 20-120 rpm

7. Support swing speed gear: 10-30 gears (reference speed: 5.5-13.5 times/minute)

8. Drive mechanism motor: frequency conversion motor: 1.5kW, 220V  

9. Total power: 1.7kW 220V


External dimensions:

Size: floor standing, 820*1180*945mm

Weight: 450kg

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