Lab Evaporation Coating Instrument High Vacuum Coater

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Lab Evaporation Coating Instrument High Vacuum Coater


Sputtering Coater

Product Description:

GSL-1800X-ZF4 evaporation coater is a high vacuum evaporation coater, especially suitable for evaporation of oxygen-sensitive metal films (such as Ti, Al, Au, etc.) and small molecules of organic matter. The machine is equipped with four evaporation heating boats, each of which can be independently evaporated, and there is a rotatable baffle plate on top of the heating boats, which covers the other three tungsten boats when one of the heating boats is evaporating to prevent mutual contamination between the evaporated materials. If you change part of the configuration can also be achieved on the organic material evaporation coating, can meet the light-emitting devices and organic solar cell research requirements, is a coating effect is ideal and cost-effective experimental equipment.GSL-1800X-ZF4 evaporation coating instrument cavity with 5 water-cooled electrodes at the bottom of the working process can be effective to protect the electrode temperature will not melt due to the temperature is too high and then damage the electrodes. The machine adopts metal chamber with extremely high vacuum degree, the vacuum degree can reach 5.0×10-7torr, the sample table can heat the sample, the heating temperature is room temperature-500℃, it is the first choice equipment for high vacuum evaporation coating.


Main features

1. Vacuum control unit is all gathered in one control box.

2. Independent vapour plating current controller is adopted, which is convenient and quick to operate.

3. Vacuum chamber is equipped with 1 KF40 side pumping valve (directly connected to the front mechanical pump to improve efficiency), 1 CF150 gate valve (directly connected to the molecular pump), 1 KF16 flange (to install the resistance gauge), 6 CF35 flanges (1 to install the ionisation gauge, 1 to install the 2-core electrodes, 1 to install the film thickness gauge) and 3 spares.

4. At the bottom of the chamber is equipped with 5 water-cooled electrodes, which can support 4 evaporation heating boat.

5. Sample stage is installed on the top of the chamber.

6. The chamber can be installed with a high-resolution film thickness gauge, film thickness measurement resolution (aluminium) for 0.1Å.

7. Circulating water cooler can be used.


Technical parameters

Product Name

GSL-1800X-ZF4 Evaporation Coating Instrument

Product Model


Installation conditions

This equipment is required to be used at an altitude of 1000m or less, at a temperature of 25℃±15℃ and a humidity of 55%Rh±10%Rh.

1. Water: the equipment is equipped with self-circulating cooling water machine (filled with pure water or deionised water)

2. Electricity: AC220V 50Hz, must have good grounding

3. Bench: floor-standing, covers an area of 2m2 or more.

4. Ventilation device: need

Main Parameters

1. Input: single-phase AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz, power <2.16KW (excluding vacuum pump)

2. Evaporation output: voltage AC 0-8V continuously adjustable, limit evaporation current 200A, limit evaporation power <1.6KW

3. Vacuum cavity: Ø300mm (inner diameter) × 360mm (high), stainless steel, the inner wall by electropolishing treatment

4. Observation window: Ø100mm, sealed by special sealing ring.

5. Vacuum pump: high speed turbo molecular pump, pumping speed 600L/s.

6. Vacuum degree: 8.0x10-4Pa

7. Limit vacuum 8.0x10-5Pa

8. Leakage rate6.7×10-8Pa-L/S

9. Sample stageφ120

10. Spacing between evaporation boat and sample stage140-200mm

11. Cooling water requirement15L/min

12. Sample stage heating temperature: room temperature ~ 500 ℃, automatic temperature control, temperature measurement

Product Specification


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