Lab Electron Beam Evaporation Coating Coater Device

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Lab Electron Beam Evaporation Coating Coater Device




It is mainly used for the preparation of various conductive films, semiconductor films, ferroelectric films, optical films, micro and nano devices micro processing, electron microscope sample pretreatment, etc. It is especially suitable for vaporizing various refractory metal materials. It can be used not only for hard substrates such as glass wafers and silicon wafers, but also for coating on flexible substrates such as PDMS, PTFE and PI.


Equipment technical parameters

1. Using conditions: ambient temperature 5℃40℃ Power supply: three-phase 380 V, power: ≤20 KW, water pressure: ≤2.5bar

2. Vacuum chamber size: evaporation chamber size: φ500×H500()

3. Electron gun: 1 set of new electron gun, 6 cavity crucible

4. Sample turntable: sample size: ≤φ150mm, sample can be rotated, also can be lifted up and down to adjust the distance from the sample to the electron gun (sample tray shape according to user requirements), heating temperature ≤500℃

5. System vacuum:

 Ultimate vacuum: 12 ~ 24 hours baking, continuous pumping ≤ 5x10-5Pa

 Pumping rate: vacuum ≤5x10-4Pa within 40 minutes from the atmosphere

 System leakage rate: the leakage rate of the whole machine ≤ 1×10-8Pa.L/s After stopping the pump and shutting down the machine for 12 hours, the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber is measured ≤ 10Pa

6. Vacuum pumping system: FB1200 molecular pump + mechanical pump (TRP-36) system, and set the bypass pumping

7. Coating monitoring: SQM160 film thickness meter is used for monitoring.

8. The unevenness of coating thickness≤6%

Evaporation Coater

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