Benchtop Single Target Plasma Magnetron Coater Coating Instrument

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Benchtop Single Target Plasma Magnetron Coater Coating Instrument 


Plasma Magnetron Coater

The VTC-2RF compact benchtop single-target plasma sputterer is equipped with a 2-inch magnetron plasma sputter head and RF plasma power supply. A heated rotating sample stage with a long-term operating temperature of 500°C and an adjustable height between the stage and the target. This equipment is mainly used for making non-conductive thin films, especially some oxide films. It is a cost-effective and efficient tool for the exploration of new non-conductive films. If customers need to make metal films, we can also configure high-voltage DC power supply, suitable for customers to make some metal films.


Technical Parameters

Equipment name and model

Plasma Magnetron Coating Instrument VTC-2RF

Basic parameters

· Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ

· Power: < 1800W

RF power supply

· Input power: 220V 3A

· Output power: 0-300W

· Output frequency: 13.56MHZ

· Cooling mode: The cooling mode inside the equipment is air cooling

· Size: 444 (L) *410 (W) *128 (H)

Magnetron sputter heads

· 2-inch magnetron sputtering head (with water-cooled interlayer), connected to vacuum chamber with quick splice

· Target size requirements: φ50* (0.1-5) mm thick


· The 2-inch magnetron sputtering head can withstand the maximum RF power: 300W

· The 2-inch magnetron sputtering head can withstand the maximum DC power: 500W

Sputter chamber

· Chamber size: Outer diameter φ166* Inner diameter φ150* height 250mm, made of high purity quartz

· Sealing flange: diameter of 174mmmade of metal aluminum, sealed by fluorine rubber sealing ring

· A manually operated baffle is installed on the flange cover for pre-sputtering of the target, and a φ6.35 sleeve joint is included on the flange cover for connecting the intake pipe.

A stainless steel mesh covers the entire quartz chamber to shield the plasma

· Chamber vacuum: 1.0×10-2 Torr (with bipolar rotary vane vacuum pump), 5×10-5 Torr (vortex molecular pump)

· If higher vacuum is required, stainless steel vacuum chamber can be customized (vacuum degree can reach 5*10-6 torr or less) 


· The cavity air inlet is Φ6.35mm stainless steel double sleeve joint, which can be connected with the gas cylinder through the PTFE pipe, and the size of the air intake is controlled by a precision micro-regulating valve.

Sample stands

· The sample table can be rotated (for more uniform film production) and heated

· Sample size: 50mm diameter (up to 2 inches of substrate can be placed)

· Rotation speed: 1-10rpm (adjustable)

· The maximum heating temperature of the sample table is 700℃(short-term use, constant temperature does not exceed 1 hour), and long-term use temperature is 500℃

· Temperature control accuracy: ±10℃


Vacuum display unit

· Vacuum gauge model: ZDZ-52T

· Measuring range: 1.0×105Pa~1.0×10-1Pa

· Effective range: 3.0×103Pa~1.0×100Pa

· Silicon tube: ZJ-52T/KF16

· Panel size: 96*96 mm

· The regulation of the vacuum gauge can only measure air and nitrogen, and other occasions with a large proportion of gas components need to be corrected.

Vacuum system (optional)

· Vacuum interface is KF25 interface

· Vacuum pump model: VRD-16

· Pumping rate: 4.4L /S

· Motor power: 750 W

· Limit pressure: 5×10-1Pa (without load)

Water cooling equipment (optional)

· Model: KJ-5000

· Working current: 1.4-2.1A

· Cooling capacity: 2361Btu/h

· Size: 55×28×43cm (length × width × height)

· Water tank capacity: 6L

· Water flow rate: 16L/min

Film thickness gauge (optional)

· A precision quartz vibrating film thickness gauge is installed on the instrument to monitor film thickness in real time with a resolution of 0.10A

· LED display, but also input the film related data


Overall Dimension

Equipment size: L 550mm × W 550m × H 1100mm

Hearth size: L 600mm× W 600m× H 600mm



About 55KG

Shelf life

1 year (excluding wear parts such as sealing rings)


· The air pressure in the chamber shall not be higher than 0.02MPa (relative air pressure);

· Due to the high pressure inside the cylinder, a pressure reducing valve must be installed on the cylinder when gas is injected into the quartz tube. To ensure safety, it is recommended to use a pressure lower than 0.02MPa. It is recommended to purchase a pressure reducing valve from our company, whose measuring range is 0.01MPa-0.1MPa, which will be more accurate and safe in use.

· For sample heating experiments, it is not recommended to close the exhaust valve and intake valve at the flange end of the furnace tube. If it is necessary to close the air valve to heat the sample, it is necessary to always pay attention to the indicator of the pressure gauge. If the pressure indicator is greater than 0.02MPa, the air relief valve must be opened immediately to prevent accidents (such as furnace tube rupture, flanges flying out, etc.).

· We do not recommend customers to use flammable, explosive and toxic gases. If customers really need to use flammable, explosive and toxic gases for technological reasons, please take relevant protection and explosion-proof measures by themselves. The company is not responsible for any problems caused by the use of flammable, explosive and toxic gases.


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