Vibratory Vibration Tissue Mill Grinder

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Vibratory Vibration Tissue Mill Grinder

Vibratory Mill


I. Detailed introduction

The Vibratory Tissue Mill is an exceptional, fast, efficient, consistent system with multiple test tubes. It can extract and purify raw DNA, RNA and proteins from any source (including soil, plant and animal tissues, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, paleontological specimens, etc.).


II. Technical parameters

Application areas: tissue homogenization, grinding, cell crushing, homogenization, material dispersion, preparation, sample mixing, oscillation


Liquid crystal display: microcomputer control seven-inch large-screen LCD screen, display the work status.


It can store thirty-six groups of experimental data, according to different experimental samples, set up with animal tissue, bone, skin, hair mode.


Adapter processing sample volume: 24*(0.2-0.5ml)/ 24*2ml/ 16*5ml/ 12*5ml /8*(7-15)ml/ 4*25ml/ 2*50ml


Standard preparation: two adapters are optional


Homogenizing speed: 10-70 HZ/sec.


Anti-vibration principle: German technology schleifen-1 working method


Adapter material: PTFE or alloy steel


Grinding method: Wet, dry or low temperature grinding.


Feed size: no requirement, adjustable according to the adapter


Discharge size: ~5µm


Number of grinding platforms (number of grinding jars accepted) >2


Fastening device with automatic center positioning yes


Safety lock during operation, full protection


Grinding kit material: Rigid rigid, polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)


Power supply: two-phase 220V/50HZ


Working time 0 seconds-99 minutes, user can set;


Grinding ball diameter: 0.1-30mm


Grinding ball material: alloy steel, chrome steel, zirconium oxide, tungsten carbide, quartz sand;


Acceleration: high speed within 2 seconds


Deceleration: low speed within 2 seconds


Noise level: <65db


Overall dimension: 280*400*530


Weight: 40KG


III. Application

1. It is suitable for grinding and crushing all kinds of plant tissues including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and other samples;


2. It is suitable for grinding and crushing various animal tissues including meat, skin, hair, lymph nodes, muscle, bone and other samples;


3. It is suitable for grinding and crushing of fungi, bacteria and other samples;


4. It is suitable for grinding and crushing of food and drug composition analysis and testing;


5. It is suitable for volatile samples including oil shale, wax products and other samples of grinding and crushing;


6. It is suitable for plastic, polymer including PE, PS, textiles, resins and other samples of grinding and crushing.


7. Faster and more efficient extraction of plant and animal tissue DNA, RNA and protein.


8. Faster and more efficient freezing, grinding and crushing, oscillation and mixing


9. Faster and more efficient cell breakage and lysis of bacteria and yeast samples, only a few tens of seconds.


10. Faster and more efficient homogenization and homogenization of food and feed samples.


11. Faster and more efficient grinding and homogenization of mineral and ore samples up to 100nm or less


12. Faster and more efficient geochemical analysis (atomic absorption, X-fluorescence) and three-generation sequencing amplification sample preparation


IV. Product characteristics

YM series grinding machine adopts special vertical up and down vibration mode, through the grinding beads (zirconium oxide, steel beads, glass beads, ceramic beads) of high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact, shear. Quickly realize the purpose. So that the grinding of the sample has a more adequate, more uniform, better sample repeatability, no cross contamination between samples.


1. High number of operations with good results

Efficient and fast work can complete the grinding of 24 samples within 1 minute. Save time and labor, small inter-batch and intra-batch variations. Higher specific activity of extracted proteins and longer nucleic acid fragments.


2. No cross contamination

Sample tubes are fully closed during the crushing process, and disposable centrifuge tubes and beads can be used. The sample is kept intact inside the tube, avoiding cross contamination between samples and external contamination.


3. Easy to operate

3.1 Built-in program controller can set parameters such as grinding time and vibration frequency of rotor;

3.2 Humanized operation interface.


4. Good stability

4.1 Vertical oscillation mode is adopted for more adequate grinding and better stability;

4.2 During the operation of the instrument, the noise is less than 70dB, which will not interfere with other experiments or instruments.


5. Convenient low-temperature operation

When low temperature grinding environment is needed, the adapter with sample can be immersed in liquid nitrogen to cool down for 1-2 minutes, remove it and move it to the main unit for quick fixation to start grinding, no need for freezing treatment again, saving liquid nitrogen.


6. Good repeatability

Set the same program for the same tissue sample to get the same grinding effect. Short working time, the sample temperature will not rise.

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