Small Three Dimensional Cycloid Oscillating Mixer

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Small Three Dimensional Cycloid Oscillating Mixer


A. Use

Three-dimensional mixer formerly known as three-dimensional cycloid mixer, also known as oscillating mixer, is currently the most advanced mixing equipment of powder and granular materials in China, this machine is used for electronics (lithium cobalt acid), ceramics, chemical industry, medicine, daily chemical pharmaceutical, food, light industry, electrical, machinery and various scientific research units of powder, granular material of high uniformity of mixing.


B. Working principle

The mixing cylinder of this machine operates in multiple ways, and the material has no centrifugal force effect, no specific gravity segregation and stratification, accumulation phenomenon. The mixing rate of each component can be more than 99.9% with a wide weight ratio, and the maximum device coefficient can be up to 0.9(p common mixing machine is 0.4-0.6). Occupies an area of small, for energy saving and efficient mixing, the machine in operation due to multi-direction mixing, accelerate the flow and diffusion effect, solve the general mixer due to centrifugal force of material specific gravity segregation product tight phenomenon, mixing without dead Angle, can effectively ensure the best quality of mixed materials.


C. Structural characteristics

This machine is composed of the bucket body, frame, rotating wall, motor, reducer, etc., the power of this machine is 1.5kw, the barrel body is made of 304 high quality stainless steel plate thickness 3mm, the rotating wall is made of high quality stainless steel 304, the inner barrel body is lined with PTFE, the outer barrel body is matte drawing polishing treatment, the material mixing flow effect is good, no dead Angle, no pollution material, The feed is connected with clamp type, the discharge port is sealed with stainless steel butterfly valve with good effect, convenient operation and easy cleaning. The frame is made of 8# channel steel, and the outer wall is made of 304 drawing and polishing. The appearance is smooth, beautiful and elegant, which meets the requirements of GMP.


D. Main technical parameters

Barrel volume


Load capacity


Maximum load


Power supply

Single phase 220V,50HZ

Motor specification


Speed regulation

Variable frequency speed control

Spindle speed


Overall dimension

1200X1700x1500mm(Subject to the actual object)

Reference weight



E. Reference pictures of 3D mixer

Three Dimensional Cycloid Mixer

Three Dimensional Cycloid Mixer

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