Lab Maximum Load 50L Double Cone Mixer Mixing Machine

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Lab Maximum Load 50L Double Cone Mixer Mixing Machine


A. Use

This machine is suitable for the uniform mixing of materials, widely used in ceramics, magnetic materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, feed and other industries. According to the customer's requirements, the mixing drum can be made of polished stainless steel inside and outside or lined with corundum, polyurethane, etc. The machine for good fluidity of powder and particle mixing, the effect is obvious. All the technical indicators have reached the standard of similar foreign products. The machine is energy saving, easy to operate, low labor intensity and high working efficiency. The machine can mix fine grains and various plants containing certain moisture. The same mixing effect can be achieved for trace substances and additives.


B. Working principle

The function of this machine is similar to that of V-type mixer. The powder or material is added to the double cone container, with the continuous rotation of the container, the material in the container for complex impact motion, to achieve uniform mixing.


C. Structural characteristics

1.The effect of mixing the powder and granule with good fluidity is obvious;

2.Easy operation, low labor intensity and high work efficiency;

3.It can mix fine powder and various materials containing certain moisture;

4.The same mixing effect can be achieved for trace substances and additives;

5. Add timing, speed control, and reverse rotation functions to the device as required.


D. Main technical parameters

Barrel volume


Load capacity


Maximum load


Power supply

Three phase 380V,50HZ

Motor specification


Speed regulation

Variable frequency speed control

Spindle speed


Reference contour dimension

1400X700x1400mm(Subject to the actual object)

Reference weight



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Double Cone Mixer

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