Lab Small Roll Ball Mill for Both Wet and Dry Grinding

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Lab Small Roll Ball Mill for Both Wet and Dry Grinding



Lab roll mill is a kind of equipment used for ultra-fine grinding and mixing for laboratory and small batch production. The machine is preferred equipment for scientific research, education, experiment and production due to its advantages such as elegant and fashion design, compact structure, easy operation, high efficiency, and uniform granularity. It is widely applied to industries of electronic material, magnetic material, biological medicine, ceramic glaze, metal powder, nonmetallic minerals, new materials, and etc.

Lab Roll Ball Mill

jar ball mill

Working Principle

When mill works, the grinding media and the materials inside the tank are rotated to a certain height. Due to the gravity, they fall down from the tube wall. Materials are crushed by impact action of the grinding media, friction and shearing action of grinding media’s rolling and sliding.

Lab Roll Ball Mill 


1. Compact structure, easy operation
2. High efficiency and uniform granularity
3. Milling pot in different size can be put on the driven rubber roller within a certain range by means of adjusting space between the rubber rollers.
4. It is convenient to change pots and suitable for both wet and dry grinding.

Application Cases of Planetary Ball Mill

Lab Roll Ball Mill

Technical Parameters of Lab Roll Ball Mill


Model No.

Power Supply

Rotate Speed

Max Load

Per Jar


& Net Weight


1 Work Position



or 60Hz/0.37kw

60-570 rpm






or 60Hz/0.75kw

60-570 rpm




Our factory provides all kinds of mill potslike stainless steel mill pot, zirconia mill pot, alumina mill pot, nylon mill pot, PU mill pot, tungsten mill pot, hard metal mill pot and tempered nylon mill pot etc. Further, we also provide stainless steel mill balls, zirconia mill balls, alumina mill balls, PU mill balls, steel carbon mill balls,tungsten mill balls, etc.
Lab Roll Ball Mill
Available Roll Mill Jars & Specifications

Description of Roll Mill Jars

Available Specifications

Normal ceramic roll mill jar

From 1.0L to 15L

304 Stainless steel roll mill jar

From 0.5L to 20L

Alumina ceramic (Corundum) roll mill jar

From 0.5L to 10L

Nylon roll mill jar

From 0.5L to 20L

Polyurethane roll mill jar

From 0.5L to 20L

PTFE/Teflon roll mill jar

From 0.5L to 20L

Tungsten carbide roll mill jar

From 250ml to 3L

Roll jacket (Stainless steel)

0.5L to 3L

316l Stainless steel roll mill jar


Matching Solutions Recommendation for Materials & Mill Jars

Materials & Requests

Recommended Solutions

Soil materials and other materials which are not allowed with any impurity contamination

Agate mill jar

Metal or nonmetal which are not allowed with any impurity contamination

Zirconium mill jar

High hardness materials like diamond, tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide mill jar

Strong add & alkali materials, or other materials under high temperature

PTFE mill jar

Iron ore materials or other materials with low impurity sensitivity

304 stainless steel mill jar

Pigment or materials with later processing under high temperature

Nylon mill jar

Aluminum materials like ceramic glaze

Corundum mill jar

Electronic materials like lithium battery

Polyurethane mill jar

We can also provide all kinds of mill balls like stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, PU balls, steel carbon balls, tungsten balls, agate balls, hard metal balls, silicon nitride balls, high wear resistant steel ball, manganese steel balls, nylon balls, cemented carbide, crystal glass and other special metal materials.

Available Mill Balls & Specifications


Available Specifications (Diameter Size)

304 Stainless steel mill balls

From 1mm to 30mm

316l Stainless steel mill balls

From 1mm to 30mm

Alumina mill balls

From 1mm-50mm

Zirconium mill balls

From 0.1mm to 30mm

Agate mill balls

From 1mm-30mm

Tungsten carbide mill balls

From 2mm to 20mm

Carbon steel mill balls

From 1mm to 30mm

Iron core PU mill balls

From 15mm-30mm

Lab Roll Ball Mill

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