Lab Light Roller Ball Mill with 304 Stainless Steel Tank Lined with Polyurethane

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Lab Light Roller Ball Mill with 304 Stainless Steel Tank Lined with Polyurethane 

A. Working principle and use:

The grinding medium and materials in the tank of light roller ball mill are lifted to a certain height together with the rotation of the cylinder, and fall off the cylinder wall along the parabola due to the action of gravity. Under the impact, rolling and sliding of the grinding medium, the material produces high energy impact, shear and rolling to achieve the process purposes of pulverizing, grinding, dispersing, mixing, alloying and spherifying.

Lightweight roller ball mill is a Chinese style, mass production of ultrafine grinding equipment, widely used in electronic materials, magnetic materials, biomedicine, ceramic glaze paste, metal powder, non-metallic ore, new materials and other industries.


B. Technical parameter

Model number


Ball mill tank volume (ML)


Structure and dimensions of ball mill tank

1. Grinding tank structure: the inner cylinder is a straight cylinder structure, the outer cylinder is 304 stainless steel ,the inner cylinder lined with polyurethane, and the two side wall reinforcement is connected to the two ends of the shaft.

2. A grinding mouth is opened on the cylinder body (both feeding mouth and discharging mouth) with a solid grinding cover and a ball discharging grinding cover with mesh. The cover of the abrasives and the discharging screen are fastened with a claw nut.

3. Cylinder body with exhaust device.

4. The inner diameter of the grinding can with inner lining is Φ390×420mm.

Maximum filling per can

The material and grinding medium shall not exceed two thirds of the volume

Receiving cover

Stainless steel dust proof receiving cover for dry grinding and safety cover for wet grinding

Feed size

Less than 10 mm for brittle materials, less than 3 mm for other materials

Discharge size

50-1000 mesh (according to material characteristics)

Rotational speed

The 0 ~ 57 r/min (+ 2)

Speed regulation mode

Frequency conversion speed control (with a timer, the timer ranges from 0 to 99 hours and 99 minutes)

Outlet distance from ground (MM)

About 350

Feeding port size and others

The bottom of the grinding tank cover is fitted to the arc surface of the tank, and the size of the material port is 167*157mm(the specific size is subject to the confirmed design drawing).

Discharge method

Semi-automatic positioning of feeding and unloading, through the ball material sieve to achieve ball material separation

Operating voltage

Single-phase 220V, 50HZ

Main engine motor power and frequency converter power

1.5KW (Dedong motor brand, Delixi inverter brand)


NMRV063-25-90B5-V6Reducer brand is Youbang

Equipment reference size (MM)

1250(L) *660 (W) *1150 (H)

Reference weight of equipment (KG)

About 230


C. Product features:

1. equipment stable operation, low power consumption, suitable for customer material fineness requirements is not high, Chinese style, mass production;


2. can be dry, wet grinding, mixing, alloying, spherical and other processes, can deal with a variety of hardness of materials;


3. the biggest advantage of the equipment is that it can carry out automatic discharge and automatic separation of the ball and material, suitable for mass production, optional automatic positioning feeding and discharging system;


4. according to the different characteristics of customer materials, the ball mill cylinder can be lined with different materials lining board, such as: zirconia, alumina, polyurethane, nylon, tetrafluoride, hard alloy, silicon carbide, etc., to ensure that the material is not polluted, high purity;

Can be customized according to the special needs of customers;

D. Image

Roller Ball Mill


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