Lab 12 Stations 3 Layers Jar Grinding Ball Mill

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Lab 12 Stations 3 Layers Jar Grinding Ball Mill

The working principle of the ball mill is that the spindle with wear-resistant rubber parts is connected to the motor pulley through the belt pulley for transmission, and the wear-resistant rubber parts on the spindle produce relative movement with the tank, i.e. friction with the surface of the ball mill tank drives another driven shaft to achieve rolling. The material is crushed by the impact of the grinding media and the friction and shearing effect generated by the rolling and sliding of the grinding media. The equipment has a novel design, simple structure and easy to use.


I. Use of jar mill ball mill:

The jar mill ball mill is an ultra-fine grinding and mixing equipment for laboratory and small batch production. The machine is beautiful and novel, compact structure, easy to operate, high efficiency, uniform grinding size, is the preferred equipment for scientific research, teaching, testing and production. It can be widely used in electronic materials, magnetic materials, biological medicine, ceramic glaze, metal powder, non-metallic ore, new materials and other industries.

II. Features:

1. Can be used in single jar or multiple jars at the same time, multiple samples can be ground at the same time.

2. Can be timed, intermittent stop or continuous cycle operation.

3. The wear-resistant rubber parts on the shaft rollers are made of special materials, which are synthesized and poured to be durable.

4. It is suitable for material fine grinding, crushing, mixing, material anti-sedimentation and other process needs, high efficiency

5. Can be customized according to customer requirements (multi-station customization, multi-stage power output customization, etc.).  


III. Technical parameters:



Reference external dimensions (mm)


Weight (KG)


Motor specification

Gear Motor,0.37KWX3pcs,Brand:TCC

Digital display speed regulation

0.4KWX3 units/single phase 220V Brand: TCC

Main roller speed (r/min)


Effective length of roller (mm)


Adjustable distance between rollers (mm)


 Jar Grinding Ball Mill


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