Single Temperature Zone 1200C Quartz Tube CVD Furnace with Five Channels Gas Mixed System

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1200C Single Temperature Zone Quartz Tube CVD Furnace with Five Channels Gas Mixed System

1200C CVD Furnace

1200C CVD Furnace

1200C CVD Furnace

The equipment introduction: The series of XY vacuum tube furnace use high pure alumina or quart tube as furnace chamber.  Precise and advanced auto temperature controller, high temperature accuracy,easy operation,excellent heat-insulation effect, symmetrical temperature uniform, XY tube furnace are widely used in the labs of university and Research Institutions, also used in factory for production.

Product Description: This equipment is a fixed single temperature zone tube furnace system, which includes D80x350mm single temperature zone tube furnace, Five Float flow gas mixed system,10-2Pa vacuum diffusion pump unit


 Technical Parameters










Working temperature


Tube material

Quartz tube

Tube size

Diameter150mm,heating zone length440mm



Heating element

Resistance wire


K type

Temperature accuracy


Heating rate


Temperature control

PID control and self-tuning adjustment,intelligent 30-segment programmable control, with over-temperature and break-off alarm function

Inlet gas/Atmosphere

It can be filled with various protective or destructive gases,Inert gases, mixed gases, nitrogen, oxygen, etc

Gas control

The air inlet can be set up 1 or more air intakes, each air inlet is provided with a needle valve, connected with a vacuum gauge. The air outlet is connected with one air outlet, and all holes are equipped with needle valves. Equipped with a vacuum pump.

Appearance design

The electric furnace adopts humanized design, beautiful and easy to operate, and the outer layer of paint is sprayed with high temperature baking technology. High temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Color selection is aging resistant tone, will not cause the appearance color fade due to a long time of use.

Furnace Chamber material   

Adopt the most advanced light alumina ceramic fiber in the world, with excellent thermal insulation effect, light weight, high temperature resistance, cold and heat resistance, no crack, no crystallization, no slag, do not worry about pollution of the fired products. The energy saving effect is 60-80% of the old electric furnace.

Furnace shell  structure

Electric furnace shell adopts double layer forced air cooling structure, so that the electric furnace works at the highest temperature and the external temperature of the shell is close to room temperature, so as to avoid accidental injury.

Sealing way

Adopt 304 stainless steel flange, with easy loading and unloading, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, double seal, ensure the sealing  


Five channels gas mixed system

Five gas channels

float flowmeter

Pressure gauge




Vacuum system

Vacuum pump: Diffusion pump unit

Max.vacuum degree:10-4mbar

KF25 quick connect, vacuum bellows, manual flapper valve and stainless steel flange, vacuum gauge


One-year warranty period, lifetime maintenance, (excluding related consumables, such as furnace tubes, seals,heating element etc.)





Standard Package Accessories:

Electric Furnace

1 set


High temperature gloves

1 pair


Stainless steel flange

1 set


Crucible hook

1 pc


Tube stopper



User manual

1 book


Gas mixed system

1 set



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