Lab 1400C CVD Vacuum Tube Furnace with Vacuum Pump

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Lab 1400C CVD Vacuum Tube Furnace with Vacuum Pump

1400C CVD Furnace

It is composed of three parts: vacuum tube furnace, gas flow meter and vacuum pump.


The main technical parameters:

Working temperature1400℃

Heating rate≤15°C/min (recommended best rate: 10°C/min)

Temperature control accuracy±1℃

Heating elementsilicon molybdenum rod

Thermocouple: B type

The diameter of the furnace tube130mm (wall thickness 5mm)

Heating temperature zone500mm

Voltage: 380V

Power: 12kw

The minimum with a diffusion pump can be as low as 0.0011torr

Flow range

A. 10~100cc/min float flowmeter accuracy 3%

B. 16~160cc/min float flowmeter accuracy 3%

C. 25~250cc/min float flowmeter accuracy 3%

D. 25~250cc/min float flow meter accuracy 3%


  • Appearance design: The electric furnace adopts a humanized design, which is beautiful and easy to operate. The outer paint layer uses a high temperature baking process with plastic spraying. It has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The color is chosen to be resistant to aging, and the appearance of the color will not fade due to long use.
  • Shell design: The shell of the electric furnace adopts a double-layer forced air-cooling structure, so that the outer temperature of the furnace shell is close to room temperature at the highest temperature, and the maximum temperature is not higher than 45 degrees Celsius.
  • Temperature control method: adopt the international advanced Yudian temperature controller: it has 30-segment programmable PID self-tuning. Automatic heating. Automatic cooling. No need to be on duty. Computer communication settings are also optional [start by connecting to a normal computer .Stop. Pause heating. Set heating curve. Heating curve storage. History curve record and other functions]
  • Temperature control safety: The electric furnace adopts integrated circuit, module control, and dual-circuit protection [protective functions such as partial temperature protection, ultra-high temperature protection, burnout protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, etc.] to make the electric furnace work stable, reliable and safe.
  • Furnace material: adopts the most advanced light alumina ceramic fiber in the world, with excellent heat preservation effect, light weight, high temperature resistance, rapid cold and hot heat resistance, no cracks, no crystallization, no slag drop, no need to worry about pollution of the fired product. The energy saving effect is 60-80% of the old electric stove.
  • Furnace design: the furnace body adopts a stepped assembly structure, the furnace door and the furnace door frame are designed as a whole, which effectively guarantees the roof of the furnace does not collapse. The close cooperation between the furnace door and the furnace door frame makes the heat energy not easy to lose and increases the use of the furnace door. life.
  • Furnace tube material: 2520 heat-resistant stainless steel, high-quality quartz tube, and 99 porcelain corundum tube are mainly used within 1200 degrees. Above 1200 degrees, 99 porcelain corundum tubes are mainly used.
  • Passable gases: all inert gases, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor.....
  • Gas control: four-way float flowmeter.
  • Sealing method: 304 stainless steel KF flange, anti-oxidation, anti-acid and alkali, double rubber ring seal to ensure the tightness,
  • Warranty and period: One year free warranty for electric furnace [except heating element], temperature controller, thermocouple, regulator, transformer, voltage regulator, one year free warranty, heating element naturally damaged within 3 months, free replacement.
  • Product certification: This product has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and EU standard CE certification

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