Lab Auto Fast Specific Surface Area Analyzer

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Lab Auto Fast Specific Surface Area Analyzer


Auto Surface Area Analyzer

Feature Description

High efficiency: BSD-BET400 with BSD-AD8 eight-station pre-processor, the analysis capacity can reach 12 samples/hour, and includes 30min pre-processing;

BET method: Dynamic chromatographic testing, in line with national standards, taking into account the high efficiency of testing;

Specimen-free: Free of specimen, completely eliminate the influence of specimen and reduce the testing cost;

 High stability: Dynamic chromatography method has unique high stability, suitable for industrial quality control;

High resolution: For small and medium specific surface samples, it is suitable for rapid analysis of specific surface of battery materials, metal powder, organic powder and other materials;

Constant temperature volumetric quantification tube (patented): The volumetric quantification tube at constant temperature, not affected by ambient temperature, is a guarantee of high stability;

Liquid nitrogen temperature detection (patented): The liquid nitrogen temperature detection technology eliminates the influence of liquid nitrogen purity factor;


Parameter Index

Testing method: BET dynamic chromatographic method of specific surface analysis, solid specimen reference method of specific surface analysis;

Testing accuracy: Global leading in testing resolution and stability, relative error less than ±1% (specimen).

Testing range: Wide testing range, can determine the specific surface area in the range of 0.0005m²/g or more, to meet all powder substances and porous substances of the specific surface area test;

Sample type: Powder, granule, fiber and flake materials, etc;

Blowing processing: Can be instrument in situ blowing pretreatment, can also be equipped with and BSD-AD8 eight station pretreatment machine, improve the utilization of the analysis station, improve the testing efficiency;

Wind-heat assisted detachment: Program-controlled wind-heat assisted detachment device to ensure that sharp and fast detachment peaks are obtained and background errors are reduced;

◆ Detector zero drift suppression: Detector thermostat system, so that the detector 10min drift is less than 0.1mV, to ensure the accuracy and stability of test results;

 Gas purification cold trap: Gas purification cold trap to improve gas purity by more than 1 order of magnitude;

◆ Sample tube: ensure the test accuracy while making the sample tube easy to load and not limited to powder sample testing;

Test stability: Large 5-inch LCD display, each mechanical part action indication, so that the instrument working status parameters software and hardware display at the same time, even if the software is not open can accurately grasp the instrument status, making the instrument more stable;

Test gas path: Low-temperature nitrogen adsorption dynamic chromatography, unique parallel gas path at home and abroad, eliminating the external influence of ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc., without vacuum, the test chamber conditions are relatively relaxed; (the underlying factor of high stability)

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