Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

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Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Temperature and Humidity Chamber

I. Product overview

This series of programmable constant temperature and humidity chamber is suitable for the reliability test of various industrial products, characterized by temperature control precision and wide control range, and the performance indexes are in line with the requirements of "the basic parameters of electrical and electronic products environmental test equipment calibration method for low-temperature, high-temperature, constant humidity and heat, alternating humidity and heat test equipment".


II. Performance index

Note: The performance is measured after stabilization without test load when the ambient temperature is 25℃.

In addition, the temperature rise and fall time refers to the performance measured when the power supply voltage is normal and the ambient temperature is +25℃.

1. Temperature range:

A [-20~150]

B [-40~150]

C [-60~150]

D [-70~150]

2.Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

3.Temperature uniformity: ±2.0℃.

4.Temperature precision: 0.01℃.

5.Temperature rise speed: 1.0 ~ 3.0℃/min

6. Cooling time: 0.7 ~ 1.2 ℃ / min

7.Humidity range: 20 ~ 98%.

8.Humidity fluctuation: ±1.5%

9. Humidity uniformity: ± 3.0 ~ 5.0%

10. Temperature and humidity control range (as shown).



III. Chamber structure

1. Inner chamber size:

050L   400*350*350mm         

080L   400*400*500mm        

100L   500*400*500mm         

150L   500*500*600mm         

225L   600*500*750mm         

408L   800*600*850mm         

800L   1000*800*1000mm         

1000L  1000*1000*1000mm

2. Outer size: according to the actual model

3. Inner chamber material: stainless steel plate

4. Outer chamber material: stainless steel plate

5. Door: single piece door

6. Observation window: double-layer tempered glass window with lighting.

7. Test hole: the left side of the body test hole ¢ 50mm 1 only, with stainless steel hole cover 1 only, the test body: the left side of the body test hole ¢ 50mm 1 only, with stainless steel hole cover 1 only, with stainless steel hole cover 1 only.

8. Test body: SUS # 304L stainless steel PT 100Ω platinum resistor 1 (Taiwan)

9. Insulation material: high-efficiency polyurethane foam + glass wool

10. Heating system: finned heat sink tube-shaped stainless steel heater


IV. Control system

1. Touch control: original TEMI touch screen programmable controller

2. Program storage capacity: 120 groups

3. With power failure program memory function, continue after power restoration.

4. Cycle times: up to 999 times

5. Temperature measurement device: imported PT100 platinum resistance temperature and humidity sensor

6. Temperature measurement: Pt100 platinum resistance;

7. Humidity measurement: Pt100 platinum resistance dry and wet ball method;

8. Control device: programmable touch screen

9. Setting accuracy: temperature: 0.01 ℃ humidity: 0.1% R.H

10. Program capacity: the program can cycle, the program can be linked between;

11. Operation mode: constant operation, program operation;


V. Refrigeration system

1. Compressor: France's "Taikang" fully enclosed high-efficiency energy-saving pioneer

2. Refrigerant: DuPont, the United States, the ozone factor of zero green refrigerant

3. Condenser: air-cooled condenser (special customization)

4. Evaporator: finned automatic load capacity adjustment

5. Expansion system: capillary capacity control refrigeration system

6. Electromagnetic valve: U.S.A. Changheng Luce purple copper switching valve.


VI. Power supply configuration

1. Test power supply: AC220/380V 50Hz

2. Maximum capacity: 3.5~12 KW

3. Maximum current: 15~35 A

4. Placement of equipment: When placing the box, note that the distance from the wall should be more than 1000mm.

5. Temperature over-rise preventer (to protect the test article and the test chamber)

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