Laboratory S65 Alloy Steel Three Roller Grinding Machine for Pigments

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Laboratory S65 Alloy Steel Three Roller 

Grinding Machine with Pigments


S65 laboratory three roller grinding machine is mainly used for grinding and dispersing laboratory of all kinds of paint, ink, pigments, plastics and other slurry, especially high viscosity and particle size requirements of fine products.

The grinding effect is achieved by rubbing the surfaces of three horizontal rollers against each other at different speeds.

The roller of the machine is made of alloy steel, so the crystal phase is close, the strength is high, the surface has high hardness and wear resistance, and there is a cooling device to ensure continuous work.

Technical parameters:

Model S65

Roller diameter: ø65 mm

Length of roller working surface: 125 mm

Slow roller speed: 32 r/min

Middle roller speed: 89 r/min

Fast roller speed: 250 r/min

Motor power: 0.75 Kw

Finished product granularity: 3-18 μm/3 times

Reference efficiency: 5 Kg/h

Dimensions: 420*390*420mm

Weight: 60KG

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