Laboratory Resistance Evaporation and Glove Box Composite Coater Machine

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Laboratory Resistance Evaporation and Glove Box Composite 

Coater Machine 



I. Product Overview

1Applicable: universities and colleges, research institutes and enterprises for scientific research and small batch preparation of new thin film materials.

2Product features/uses:

► Equipment integrated design, small footprint, favorable price, stable performance and low cost of use and maintenance;

► Equipment equipped with 4-6 groups of evaporation sources, compatible with organic evaporation and inorganic evaporation, multiple co-evaporation to obtain composite film/split evaporation to obtain multi-layer film, powerful and stable performance;

► Suitable for laboratory preparation of metal monolithic film, organic film, also can be used for production line pre-process test, etc.;

► Suitable for evaporation coating and glove box environment organic integration, to achieve evaporation, packaging, testing and other processes seamlessly, widely used in calcium titanite solar cells / OPV organic solar cells and OLED thin film and other research systems, etc.


II. Technical parameters



Coating method

Multi-source evaporation coating

Vacuum chamber structure

Square box type front and back door; equipped with glove box

Vacuum chamber size


Heating temperature

Room temperature300℃

Rotating substrate table


Substrate table lift

Manually adjustable lifting height 080mm

Film thickness non-uniformity


Evaporation source

2 groups of metal source, 2~4 groups of organic source

Control method

PLC/PC automatic control system is optional

Floor space

Host L1100×W780×H1800mm, glove box size customized

Total power


Evaporation and Glove Box Composite Coater

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