Lab 1800C High Temperature Electric Muffle Furnace

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Lab 1800C High Temperature Electric Muffle Furnace

1800C Muffle furnace

Main parameter

PN: SX2-2-18TP17

Max.Temp: 1800C

Working temperature:0-1700C 

Chamber size:D100*W100*H100mm

Power:About 2kw

Voltage: 220V single phase

Heating rate:0~10  Degree/Minsuggest 5C/min

Heating element: High quality 1800 Mosi2 heating element

ThermocoupleB type

Temperature accuracy: ±1℃

Furnace Chamber material   

Adopt the most advanced 1900 light alumina ceramic fiber in the world, with excellent thermal insulation effect, light weight, high temperature resistance, cold and heat resistance, no crack, no crystallization, no slag, do not worry about pollution of the fired products. The energy saving effect is 60-80% of the old electric furnace.

 Furnace chamber design  

Furnace adopts the stepped assembly structure, integrating the mechanical law, effectively ensure the furnace in the heating process of uniform force, ensure that the heat is not easy to disperse, prolong the service life of the furnace.

Furnace shell  structure

Electric furnace shell matrial is carbon steel materials,adopts double layer forced air cooling structure, so that the electric furnace works at the highest temperature and the external temperature of the shell is close to room temperature, so as to avoid accidental injury.

Temperature controlling

Adopt international advanced temperature controller, with 30 programmable PID self-tuning, automatic temperature rise, automatic temperature drop, no duty.

Temperature control security

The electric furnace adopts integrated circuit, module control, double circuit protection (partial temperature protection, ultra-high temperature protection, coupling protection, overcurrent protection, overpressure protection and other protection functions) to make the electric furnace work stable and reliable, safe.


One year limited warranty with lifetime support, excluding heating element,cooling fans,thermocouple damaged by user.

Attention: Any damages caused by the use of corrosive and acidic gases, and any damage from wrong operate and use are not under the coverage of One Year Limited Warranty.

Certificates: SGS,ISO&UL




Standard Package Accessories:

Electric Furnace

1 set


High temperature gloves

1 pair


Heating element



Crucible clip

1 pc


User manual

1 book


Door block

1 pc

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