Integrated Water and Oxygen Circulation Purification Glovebox with Solvent Filtration System

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Integrated Water and Oxygen Circulation Purification Glovebox with Solvent Filtration System

Glove Box

Glove box configuration and main technical indicators

1. Box (4 groups of box composition)

1.1 Dimensions (from right to left): 1200mm (storage box) + 2400mm (spin coating + hot table glove box) + 1200mm (coating) + 1200mm (sunlight simulator) (L) x 900mm (H) x 750mm (lower width). (Four glove box systems)

The bottom of the sun simulator glove box is reserved for the simulator window.

1.2 Material: All stainless steel structure (Type 304), thickness 3mm.

1.3 Glove box opening: 220mm diameter, hard aluminum alloy material, after anti-corrosion treatment.

1.4 Glove: American Guardian, glove caliber 8 inches, thickness 0.4 mm, butyl rubber material.

1.5 Window: tilted design operating surface, removable 8 mm safety tempered glass front window, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good light transmission, sealing ring with 3/8 inch thick OMEGA seal.

1.6 Can maintain a certain positive and negative pressure (-12mbar-12mbar) when in use.

1.7 The box is equipped with anti-reflective lighting energy-saving lamps, soft light.

1.8 The box is preset with 4 multi-hole power terminal boards (power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz±10%)

1.9 A number of standard KF-40 interfaces are set in the box to facilitate access to liquids, gases, signals and so on.

1.10 There are 2 layers of adjustable shelves in the box.

1.11 Bracket: with casters, height 950mm, casters with leveling, moving, fixed and other functions.


2. Transition chamber (if more than one box, the middle will be connected by T-type transition chamber)

Two 304 stainless steel T-type large transition chamber, diameter 360mm, length 700mm, in the middle of 2 boxes

Three small T-shaped transition chamber of 304 stainless steel, diameter 150 mm, length 700 mm, in the middle of 2 boxes

Two large transition chamber 304 stainless steel, diameter 360 mm, length 600 mm, right side

Two small transition chamber in 304 stainless steel, diameter 150 mm, length 300 mm, right side


2.1 Large transition chamber: cylindrical (304 stainless steel), diameter 360mm, length 600mm with touch screen control.

2.2 Small transition chamber: the box set up another small transition chamber, specifications for: Ф150mm × 300mm. using the valve control  

2.3 Tray: the size of the transition chamber with a sliding stainless steel tray, polished, free to move the extension.

2.4 Vacuum: ≤ -0.1MPa (large and small right transition chamber are required to vacuum with display), vacuum pressure gauge selection of German Wika.


3. Circulation purification control system (4 sets)

3.1 Control system

3.1.1 Mode: including self-diagnosis, power failure and self-starting characteristics, with pressure control and self-adaptation function. Automatic control, cycle control, password protection, vacuum chamber control adopts LCD display. The control unit adopts German Siemens PLC touch screen, and the operation menu is optional: Chinese.

3.1.2 Pressure control: control the pressure of the box and transition chamber at a certain set value.

3.1.3 Foot pedal: can control the pressure of the glove box, easy to operate.

3.2 Circulation purification system

3.2.1 Control: Water and oxygen are controlled at <1ppm.

3.2.2 Adjustment device: PLC touch-type adjustment (heating, evacuation, purification, regeneration) the whole process without human monitoring.

3.2.3 Working gas: N2 or Ar (gas circulation).

3.2.4 Circulating fan: German Siemens high-speed frequency conversion fan, flow rate 0-100m3/h, microprocessor control, pressure-tested stainless steel device.

3.2.5 Single purification column: German BASF deoxidizing material (5KG), American UOP high-efficiency water-absorbing material (5KG).

3.2.6 Purification valve: Germany Burkert, fully automatic electro-pneumatic valve. Modularized design.

3.2.7 Filter: High-efficiency filter with 0.3 micron pore size filter in line with HEPA standard.

3.3 Regeneration system

Used to purify system for re-use to activate it; regeneration requires a gas mixture of N2/H2 or Ar/ H 2 with 5-10% H2.

3.4 Display system

Control unit adopts German Siemens PLC touch screen, operation menu: Chinese.


4. Vacuum system (4 sets)

Automatic gas control plating plate; vacuum pump selects Bowes GSP10 dry pump with a flow rate of 12m³/h. It can vacuum the transition chamber separately and realize separate control at any time; it can be stopped automatically.


5. Water analyzer (original imported British Michell) (4 sets)

Its advantages are accurate zero point, small drift, detection results by organic solvents have little impact

5.1 Range: 0-1000ppm

5.2 Error: ±1% ppm

5.3 Environment: -10℃ -50℃

5.4 Display: PLC display


6. Oxygen analyzer ( American AVCRAY electrochemical sensor ) ( 4 sets )  

Electrochemical batteries, the advantages of which are accurate zero point, small drift, detection results are less affected by organic solvents and low replacement cost (only replace the electrochemical batteries); can be set according to the user's automatic control of the gas circulation system to achieve automatic circulation.

6.1 Range: 0-1000ppm

6.2 Error: ±1% ppm

6.3 Environment: -10℃ to 50

6.4 Display: PLC display


7. Solvent filtration system (4 sets)

In order to prevent the impact of organic solvents on the purification column, the tandem system is integrated into the glove box system, which can effectively remove the solvents volatilized out of the system, the medium is mainly high-quality and efficient activated carbon activated alumina.


Glove box configuration list:







Glove box standard configuration




4 sets

304 stainless steel


Transition chamber


2 sets

304 stainless steel (φ360*600+φ150*300)




2 sets



T-type small chamber


3 sets



Control system

Siemens (Germany)

4 sets



Circulation system(including purification and regeneration)


4 sets

Germany Siemens frequency converter, Germany BASF and the United States UOP purification materials, Germany Burkert valve


Vacuum system

Bose GSP10

4 sets

Dry pump


Display system

Siemens, Germany

4 sets




USA 8B1532

10 pairs



Water analyzer

Michell, UK

4 pairs

PLC display


Oxygen analyzer


4 sets

PLC display


Organic solvent adsorption system


4 sets

High-efficiency activated carbon 9KG


Original oil mist filter


4 pairs


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