Two Cups 1500ml Planetary Gravity Mixer Machine without Vacuum Function

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Two Cups 1500ml Planetary Gravity Mixer Machine without Vacuum Function  

Model number: XHH-1500S

Application: Suitable for dispersing, mixing and defoaming of multi-component materials (silica gel, epoxy resin etc.).

Standard container:

1500 ml (HDPE phi 130 x 146)

900 ml (HDPE phi 104 x 124)

300ml (HDPEφ78 *90)

Maximum capacity of two cups: 2250g*2; ≤1800mL

Revolution: 200~2000 RPM stepless speed regulation, according to the actual requirements of users input, adjust 1rpm;

Rotation: constant speed ratio 0.9;

Setting time: 0~3000S x 5(five steps in total), accuracy 1s;

Parameter storage: 5 groups;

Bearing: Japanese NSK bearing;

Control system: man-machine dialogue, English interface, touch screen operation;

Balance adjustment: double cup configuration balance;

Transmission mode: gear drive;

Working principle: rotation without wing type centrifugal gravity mode;

Alarm device: it can be detected if the upper cover is not covered during operation;

Safety protection: the upper cover is locked during operation, and stops working when the upper cover is opened;

Applicable temperature and humidity: 10~40 ℃; 20~80%RH (no foggy moisture is OK);

Voltage: AC220V±5%; 1-Phase; 50~60Hz;

Power: Rated power of the host is 500w

Appearance size L600×W500×H660mm;

The main engine weighs 45Kg.

Equipment features: rotation and revolution movement can produce a maximum centrifugal gravity of nearly 400G, strong dispersion and defoaming; There is no spiral blade to achieve mixing and dispersion in the container; No need to clean, will not pollute the material; Do not damage the material (especially fibrous material) properties; Man-machine interaction, easy to operate; Super small, super light, super quiet optimization design.


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