Metal Corrosion Edition Portable X Ray Diffractometer

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Metal Corrosion Edition Portable X Ray Diffractometer             


Basic principles of X-ray diffraction: When a beam of monochromatic X ray incident to crystal, because the crystal is made up of atomic rules are arranged into a cell, the distance between the atoms and the incident X-ray wavelength with the same order of magnitude, so by the different atomic scattering X-ray mutual interference, stronger effects in some special directions X ray diffraction, the diffraction lines in the spatial distribution of location and intensity, is closely related to the crystal structure.

In the industrial field, different devices have different operating environments, contact with different media, so that the causes of corrosion of equipment vary widely, corrosion will seriously affect its service life, and even cause resource leakage and environmental pollution. In the past, the maintenance team need to send samples will corrode away from the scene of the laboratory analysis, time consuming and high cost. Mirror portable X-ray diffractometer (metal corrosion edition) of metal corrosion, on-site testing equipment, through rapid analysis to identify the crystal structure and the quantitative corrosion and scaling, and help engineer to understand the cause of the corrosion products formed, reduce the time cost, to take further action to stop or slow down the corrosion occurs.



Portable Instrument

The instrument adopts waterproof and dustproof box all-in-one machine design, light and compact, easy to carry, can be in the location of metal corrosion for a comprehensive in situ inspection, bringing great convenience and efficiency.



XRD is integrated with XRF technology, and X-ray photon data of BOTH XRD and XRF can be collected at the same time during each test, providing material composition, phase and structure information, thus promoting more accurate test results.The instrument is operated easily, no need for calibration, automatic detection. Real-time display of full spectrum diffraction, automatic phase analysis, one key to generate quantitative results.


Simple Sample preparation

A single analysis only needs about 20 mg of sample to obtain high quality test results. Sample preparation can be completed in 3 minutes (crushing, filtering and sampling) without making, pressing and scraping equal.


Data transmission

The instrument realizes high-speed connection with laptop computer through USB, Bluetooth, WIFI, real-time control and phase analysis of it.


Two Dimensional X-Ray Diffractometer

The instrument is equipped with a charge coupled device (CCD) detector, which can take slices of the diffraction ring to help the user know if the sample has been prepared correctly (particle statistics and/or preferred grain orientation). So as to further help users to confirm whether the obtained qualitative and quantitative data is accurate and representative.


Application scenario


Scaling and Corrosion Analysis of Piping Equipment

Oil pipeline, Gas Pipeline, etc.


Analysis of Silt Sediment in Industrial Area

Refinery, Metal Material Factory, etc.


Corrosion Failure Analysis of Industrial Equipment

Industrial boilers, Mechanical Equipment, etc.


Product parameter

XRD resolution

0.2°@2θ FWHM

Scope of XRD


The detector

2000 X 256 pixel, 2d, level 3 Pelter refrigeration CCD

X-ray tube target

Cluster microfocal spot X-ray tube, Cu or Co, Cr, Fe, Ni, Mo, Ag, W target (optional according to test sample)

X-ray tube voltage

Maximum 50kV, 0-50kV adjustable

X ray tube power

Maximum 40W, 0-40W adjustable 

XRF energy resolution


XRF detection range


Sample particle size

Sample particle <150um (100 mesh sieve)

Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Sample weight

about 20mg

Working temperature




The power supply

Lithium ion battery or power adapter



CrystalX analysis software language

Chinese, English and other languages

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