Industrial Research Edition Portable X Ray Diffractometer

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Industrial Research Edition Portable X Ray Diffractometer             


The samples by X-ray diffraction instrument, analysis of the diffraction pattern, material with material composition, internal information such as atomic or molecular structure or form (material ingredient, the secondary ingredients or trace elements of the crystal phase ID information), it has a simple sample preparation, no pollution, quick, high measurement precision, can get a lot of information about the integrity of the crystal, It is the main method to study the phase and crystal structure of matter.

It is in the X-ray beam through the sample location using transmission geometry technology, micro focus X-ray tube emission X-ray beam through the collimator irradiation powder particles in the sample pool, unique vibration system allowed more of the crystal powder particles were exposed to X-ray beam when meet the Bragg's law on CCD acquisition by the diffraction phenomenon of diffraction pattern. The sample size in the sample pool is fixed, so changes in sample density do not affect the resolution. This feature is especially important for low-density materials, such as drug samples, where higher resolution can be achieved with fixed penetration compared to instruments based on reflective geometry.





The instrument adopts waterproof and dustproof box all-in-one machine design, without any mechanical moving parts, light and compact, easy to carry, can freely conduct laboratory/field field scientific research.



XRD is integrated with XRF technology, and X-ray photon data of BOTH XRD and XRF can be collected at the same time during each test, providing material composition, phase and structure information, thus promoting more accurate test results.



The instrument is operated easily, no need for calibration, automatic detection. Real-time display of full spectrum diffraction, automatic phase analysis, one key to generate quantitative results.


Simple Sample preparation

A single analysis only needs about 20 mg of sample to obtain high quality test results. Sample preparation can be completed in 3 minutes (crushing, filtering and sampling) without making, pressing and scraping equal.



Professional multiple protective radiation treatment, no radiation leakage in all directions when measuring instrument.


Application scenario




Environmental Monitoring


Geology and Prospecting


Research and Education


Metallic Compound


Chemistry and Catalysts


Product parameter

XRD resolution

0.2°@2θ FWHM

Scope of XRD


The detector

2000 X 256 pixel, 2d, level 3 Pelter refrigeration CCD

X-ray tube target

Cluster microfocal spot X-ray tube, Cu or Co, Cr, Fe, Ni, Mo, Ag, W target (optional according to test sample)

X-ray tube voltage

Maximum 50kV, 0-50kV adjustable

X ray tube power

Maximum 40W, 0-40W adjustable 

XRF energy resolution


XRF detection range


Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Sample particle size

Sample particle <150um (100 mesh sieve)

Sample weight

about 20mg

Working temperature




The power supply

Lithium ion battery or power adapter



CrystalX analysis software language

Chinese, English and other languages

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